Practical and affordable.

10 Reasons to contact us.

01. We'll ask all the questions necessary to complete your return quickly and accurately.

Every Tax Link Tax Preparer knows the questions to ask to ensure that you pay the lowest tax legally possible. We ensure that you have advantage of every legitimate tax credit, exemption, deduction and rebate to which you are entitled.

02. You can enjoy peace of mind when Tax Link has completed your return.

Our tax knowledge is continually updated, and backed up by the experience of annually preparing many thousands of tax returns for a wide range of taxpayers throughout New Zealand. You can relax in the knowledge that Tax Link makes every effort to provide competent, thorough tax help.

03. You'll save time and you'll save money.

Our tax preparation service not only saves you time, it also saves you money by ensuring that you pay only the tax that the law demands, no more and no less.

04. Our fees are reasonable and are fully tax deductible.

Our pricing policy has never varied. You pay only for the work done. We don't base our fees on your income or on the amount of your refund. Fees are based solely on the complexity of each return, and the time it takes to prepare, check and lodge your return.

05. We can provide more time to complete your return accurately.

As Registered Tax Agents, we qualify for Inland Revenue Department extension of time arrangements in the completion and lodging of any of our clients tax returns.

06. You can make an appointment, or just drop by.

Usually no appointment is necessary, and you can call in whenever you like. However, if you wish to minimize the time you may have to wait, just phone us and we will arrange an appointment at a time to suit.

07. You'll receive client satisfaction.

Our employee training and our office systems and procedures are carefully designed and updated to assure our promise of client satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with our taxation service just tell us - we value your comments.

08. We can get your refund faster using the IRD Electronic Filing System.

Since 1992 Tax Link has been using electronic filing of tax returns direct to the Inland Revenue Department. Called E-FILE, the system reduces to a minimum the time required for the IRD to process and check your tax return. Your assessment, including your refund where applicable, will be available in the quickest possible time.

09. Our total tax service continues all year round, any time you need it.

We're always available to help, should you or the IRD have any questions about your tax return. If you need to review your curent situation for future potential tax savings, you can rely on us to be right up to date with the ever-changing tax laws.

10. Our services are not only income tax.

In addition to our comprehensive taxation services, we are able to help direct you to other specialist services.

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